Will baby bunnies be abandoned if you touch them?Will baby bunnies be abandoned if you touch them?

No, baby bunnies will not be abandoned because you touched them. If you touch a bunny it does not mean that the mother is going to reject the young one. A rabbit’s maternal instinct is strong and even if they smell humans on them, they are still able to take care of their children properly. Don’t worry, touching won’t make anything bad happen!

However, if you do touch them then prepare yourself for lots of cuddles – both mum and babies love to be stroked!

The information above is correct thanks to our Wildlife Officer Connie Lim (who has three rabbits herself!). However, there are always exceptions; please check with your school teacher before doing any further reading about caring for rabbits.

Will baby bunnies be abandoned if you touch them?
Will baby bunnies be abandoned if you touch them?


Rabbits will not be abandoned if you touch them: True or False?

False. If rabbits smell human scent on their babies then they may become distracted and/or protective, but touching baby rabbits will not cause the mother to abandon her young ones. Please check with your school teacher for more information before reading about caring for rabbits yourself.

Are rabbits afraid of humans?

No. If you are near a rabbit, they will run away from you because there may be danger nearby, but once the threat has passed then they will come back out of hiding. They are not scared of humans in general, but there is always at least one exception! Some rabbits may also be scared of humans if they have not been handled very much. If you are looking after rabbits yourself then please read up on how to behave around them before you start, and any rabbit that is scared may need some time alone to recover before they will be ready to play again.

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