Why is my rabbit scared of meWhy is my rabbit scared of me

There could be a number of reasons why your rabbit is scared of you.

  • One possibility is that the rabbit may not have been handled enough when it was young, and so doesn’t feel comfortable being around humans.
  • Alternatively, the rabbit may have had a bad experience with someone in the past, which has left it feeling scared and mistrustful.
  • Rabbits are prey animals, so instinctively they feel nervous when faced with anything that could pose a threat. Being handled by people is not something that comes naturally to them, especially if they have not been exposed to it when they were young, or if they have had bad experiences in the past. It can take time and patience before your rabbit will allow you to touch him/her without showing any signs of fear.

How to use to rabbit with your self

The best way to get your rabbit used to being touched is by doing lots of gentle but regular handling when he/she is relaxed and content, preferably when you offer food rewards. For example, while you sit on the floor with your rabbit in his cage, let him sniff your hands for several minutes before very gently stroking him from the head to the base of his tail. Reward him with a small food treat or favorite toy each time he remains calm and still while you stroke him, gradually working your way down his body each time until you can stroke all four feet.

If at any point your rabbit struggles or moves away, don’t try it again until another time. Treats are very effective for distracting your rabbit between each stage of the process, so always carry some around with you to reward him/her when s/he is being good.

How much time it take to use to rabbit with your self

It can take several days or even weeks to get your rabbit used to being touched all over, but it’s definitely worth spending some time on this process. It will make it much easier for you to groom and check your rabbit, which in turn means that s/he will be happier and healthier because of it (for example, you can check their teeth or help them to shed an ingrown nail rather than having to guess what’s wrong).

If your rabbit is not used to being handled, it is best to start slowly and gradually increase the amount of time spent handling him/her. Do not force your rabbit to do anything that he or she isn’t comfortable with. The key is patience, gentleness and lots of treats!

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