Rabbits have special glands on their chin that produce a scent. They may rub their chin on you to mark you as theirs, or to show you how friendly they are. Some rabbits also like the feeling of your finger against their chin; it’s like a massage for them! So if your rabbit is rubbing his chin on your finger, it’s probably just a way of showing you how much he likes you. 🙂


Q: What should I do if my rabbit starts to nip me?

A: If your rabbit starts to nip you, it could mean that he’s getting angry or frustrated. Try to figure out what’s making him feel that way, and try to fix the problem. If you can’t fix the problem, you may need to find a new home for your rabbit.

Q: Why does my rabbit always want to be around me?

A: Some rabbits like to be around you because they’re friendly, but other rabbits like to be around you because they want attention. It’s important to spend time with your rabbit every day so he doesn’t get bored or lonely.

Q: Is it normal for my rabbit to bite me?

A: Rabbits have sharp teeth and powerful jaws, so sometimes they bite people. If your rabbit is only biting you when he’s scared or angry, you can try to teach him not to bite. Feed your rabbit treats when he’s gentle and calm, and praise him when he’s being good.

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