why does my bunny poop on my bed?why does my bunny poop on my bed?

The question is not about the bunny’s poop, but why does my bunny poop on my bed?

For just a moment after you had laid on the soft mattress in the evening, since you do not push up to turn off the light yet at that time, somewhere just out of sight of you is an important event. And when you wake up in the morning, there would be wet stains yellowing on your blanket by droppings…

why does my bunny poop on my bed?
why does my bunny poop on my bed?

The reason for this is not necessarily because rabbits are too lazy to go find their litter boxes or sleeping quarters; they would often jump onto beds and make themselves comfortable among pillows before pooping.

This behavior can be traced back to natural instinct (and perhaps curiosity), which allows them to watch predators below through the windows in their burrow.

This behavior has been retained in the domesticated animals and served as a means of marking territory and helps them to remember where they live once spring comes again after hibernation.

But if this is true, then why would rabbits poop on your blankets?

It appears that it is sometimes not an intentional statement of territoriality; they seem to be attracted by something warm or fuzzy on the bed, specifically within your pillow…

You may have heard about an experiment showing bunnies’ attraction for fabrics… In particular yellow fabric attracts young rabbits more, probably because of its similarity with forage growth between April and May or so.

The result of this feeling or instinctive behavior is a tendency to jump onto bedding or clothing to look for food or toys.

Some rabbits’ owners say that they even see their bunnies enjoy lying on top of sofas or chairs with special fabrics, which seems exactly like a human might do in front of the fireplace.

In any case, it is not really harmful to your bunny’s health… But if you find this behavior annoying and want to stop your rabbits from doing so, make sure you use unscented laundry detergent when washing them with special attention. You can even put some vinegar into the wash water to remove all attractive smells from fabrics.

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