because of the dangers that live above ground. white rabbits hate the sun and they love darkness.

not all rabbits build their homes underground but some do and many more choose to live in burrows on hillsides and mountainsides.

why do rabbits live underground?
why do rabbits live underground?

warm sun-filled meadows with plenty of food have little appeal for a rabbit who must hide from foxes, hawks, owls, and other creatures looking for an easy meal.

the most dangerous time of day is dawn or dusk when hungry predators are hunting for a quick meal before returning to their night roosts. few if any wild animals know what it’s like to be hunted by a man so they have little fear of most human activities except during these twilight hours when they’re at their hungriest.

the bunny knows these dangers and he knows how to avoid them, burrowing underground serves as his first line of defense against predators who would love nothing more than a quick taste of rabbit.

after the sun goes down rabbits hop above ground to find food in what they call evening meadow where grasses, weeds, and other plants offer a feast for these furry herbivores which they gobble up at a rate that seems almost impossible to us non-shoppers!

you might think that rabbits are always hungry because they eat so much but their bodies secrete chemicals that trigger hunger when needed and one of those chemicals is called leptin secreted by the liver once levels fall far enough it tells the body “eat now!” when this happens a rabbit hops to the nearest food source and eats as much as possible so it can return home and burrow underground where it’s safe from predators.

time of the year also has an effect on how rabbits behave, some breeds such as snowshoe hares wait until it snows before coming out at night. snowshoe hares wait for deep snow to fall which they call their white blanket because it hides them from hungry predators who rely on their sharp night vision to hunt for prey during twilight hours.

once the “white blanket” covers the ground a snowshoe will burst out and gobble up whatever plants or grasses that haven’t been covered yet! snow-covered fields make this hopping herbivore feel safer from predators but the only danger comes from traffic and other vehicles on the road.

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