Why do rabbits kick out their litterWhy do rabbits kick out their litter

Rabbits are not fussy about where they do their toilet business. As prey animals, they have to be ready to escape at any time so it makes sense for them not to keep going back and forth from one part of their home range to another. A rabbit’s hutch or cage does not need to resemble an indoor bathroom. Its living space should allow it the same relative privacy that an indoor toilet would.

Rabbits’ instinct to kick out the contents of their bowel and bladder is triggered by anal stimulation when they back up to a hard surface, such as solid walls or rocks. This stimulates them to go again. Just like humans, rabbits need to know that their bowel movements are not stuck inside them. It’s like us having to strain to pass stool or gas.

This instinct makes rabbits choose certain areas of their enclosure, particularly the corners. The carpeted area under a hutch is ideal for this reason; one corner will usually be consistent with defecation and the other one with urination.

Rabbits will also use the same spot to deposit their young. The act of giving birth is incredibly strenuous for a rabbit and it is not unusual for her to pass out afterward. When she comes round, she will likely be disoriented and her first instinct will be to clean up her babies. Kicking them out of the nest is one way of doing this.

Babies that have been kicked out of the nest are not abandoned. Their mother will continue to nurse them and keep them warm until they are strong enough to survive on their own. In fact, if a baby is not kicked out and remains in the nest, there is a good chance that it will die because its mother will not be able to nurse it and keep it warm at the same time. So, while it might seem harsh, kicking out the babies is actually a good thing. It gives them the best chance of survival.

there are several reasons why rabbits kick out their litter. Anal stimulation, the need for privacy, and the instinct to protect newborns are just a few.

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