Why do rabbits just sit and stareWhy do rabbits just sit and stare

Rabbits are docile creatures, they like to keep to themselves and not cause much fuss. Unlike their wild cousins who will become territorial if necessary rabbits can be placid even in the face of danger. This, however, makes them tired easy targets for predators, this is because rabbits don’t need to do much to protect themselves which means that oftentimes they’ll rather sit and stare than be on the move.

Rabbits are also very poor at fleeing from danger, they can run but not for long periods of time which makes them easy targets, they often only run when there is no other option or if they feel threatened by something close by.

This is why you will see rabbits just sitting and staring when there is no apparent danger around, they are trying to understand what is happening and whether or not it is a threat. Once they have determined that there is no immediate danger they will usually go back to whatever it was they were doing before. This can be frustrating for those who see the rabbit but don’t understand why it isn’t running away.

In the wild, rabbits will use their staring ability to try and intimidate predators or scare them off. By doing this they are able to buy themselves time to escape if necessary. In captivity, however, rabbits don’t have to worry about being eaten by predators so they will usually just sit and stare as a way of trying to make sense of their environment.

Rabbits are also very inquisitive creatures, this can lead to them staring at people or things that they aren’t sure about as a way of trying to understand what is going on. They will sit and stare as part of their natural curiosity, even if they’re comfortable in their surroundings rabbits still like to take stock of what’s going on.

When you see your pet rabbit sitting and staring at you it might be a good time to try to interact with them, they are showing that there is no real danger but playing in the same room as them will show them it is safe to be in close proximity. As with many animals bonding with your rabbit can be as easy as just spending time with them.

So, next time you see your pet rabbit sitting and staring don’t be alarmed, they are just trying to understand their surroundings and aren’t posing any real danger to themselves or anyone else. By interacting with them you can help build a trusting relationship with them and make sure that they stay calm in your presence.

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