Why do rabbits flatten blanketsWhy do rabbits flatten blankets

Possible Reasons why do rabbits flatten blankets

  • One possible reason is that rabbits may see the blanket as a potential hiding place. By flattening the blanket, they can make it harder for predators to see them, or give themselves a false sense of security.
  • Another possibility is that the rabbits are simply trying to create a comfortable space to relax. by flattening the blanket, it creates a more level surface on which they can lay down.
  • The third explanation is that the rabbits are not actually trying to flatten the blankets, rather it is simply their natural behavior. Rabbits may do this with any piece of cloth or soft fabric they come across. It could also be a way for them to seek out food particles and environmental enrichment.

Rabbits will often take pieces of cloth or fabric and drag them around their cage. This is known as ‘binkying‘. Binkying is a way for the rabbits to get exercise and also to explore their surroundings. It’s possible that flattening blankets is just another form of binking.

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that rabbits love to play with blankets. They are most likely to do so when they are bored or have nothing else to entertain themselves with. Giving the rabbits lots of toys may help prevent them from flattening blankets.

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