Why do rabbits faint after matingWhy do rabbits faint after mating

The mating process of rabbits is quite strenuous, and it can be seriously dangerous for the female rabbit if she isn’t in perfect health. The act of mating itself is often too much stress on a rabbit’s body. After the male ejaculates, a rabbit’s vagina will have a great surge of pressure that can cause serious injury to both the ovaries and uterus.

This may cause internal bleeding which is not only dangerous by itself, but it will also result in a loss of blood supply which can prevent oxygen from getting to vital organs such as the brain. In essence, a mating-related faint can be fatal to a rabbit.

When a rabbit faints after mating, it probably isn’t because he or she is plumb tuckered out. The opposite is more likely to be true, the rabbit has lost too much blood due to injury and needs to be put into a safe and quiet environment so she can rest and recuperate. After an amount of time that will vary depending on the severity of the rabbit’s injuries, she may wake up.

If your female is pregnant, you should wait until about a week after mating before you allow her to have another litter so that her body will have sufficient time to heal after being stressed. A medical examination by your veterinarian is recommended if she remains unconscious or unresponsive after mating. Females that faint after mating should not be used for breeding in the future, as they are at high risk for serious injury.

In summary, a rabbit’s body can be seriously injured by the act of mating. This can cause the rabbit to faint, and in some cases, it can be fatal. If your female rabbit faints after mating, you should take her to the veterinarian immediately to get checked out.

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