Why do rabbits die when they get wetWhy do rabbits die when they get wet

Rabbits are unable to breathe when they get wet because their nose and mouths are very close together. This means that when a rabbit gets wet it can’t get the oxygen it needs into its lungs. This can quickly lead to death.

In addition, rabbits can easily become hypothermic (or too cold) when they get wet. This is because their fur doesn’t provide much insulation, and so they lose a lot of body heat very quickly. This can also lead to death.

So, while it might be amusing to see a wet rabbit trying to shake itself dry, it’s important to remember that the animal is in serious trouble. If you see a wet rabbit, it’s best to call a veterinarian or animal rescue immediately.

Do rabbits have lungs? Can they drown?

No, rabbits do not have lungs. Rabbits breathe through their nose and mouth. They cannot breathe underwater because water blocks the air passages which prevents them from breathing in oxygen. In addition, a rabbit’s hair cannot be totally waterproofed because it will prevent the rabbit from receiving the oxygen it needs. This will cause the rabbit to drown.

How do you dry a wet rabbit?

You can dry a wet rabbit by towel drying it, or letting it sit in front of a heater/blower. You should use extreme caution when towel drying or using blowers near rabbits because they are very sensitive and easily startled (which can cause them to scratch and bite you, and make your rabbit more frightened).

What will happen if I leave a wet rabbit alone?

If you leave a wet rabbit alone it will likely become too cold. When the rabbit becomes too cold, it will go into shock (which can kill the rabbit).

What should I do if I find a wet rabbit? Should I try to towel dry it myself?

If you find a wet rabbit, do not towel it dry. You should call a veterinarian or an animal rescue immediately. They will be able to help the rabbit and ensure that your rabbit is okay.

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