Why do dogs bite their nailsWhy do dogs bite their nails

I have a 1 year old pug and the other day I went to cuddle him and noticed that his nails were really long.

But, The next day he has bit all of them off down to the skin! Is this normal? Why does it happen? What should I do?

Its very common in some dog breeds. This is mostly seen in dogs that have black nails.

Nails are just like our hair and fingernails, they keep growing… well sort of! The quick is what keeps the nail connected to the dog’s paw. If you cut the nail too short your dog will be in pain and it causes bleeding around his/her nail bed. It is very important not to cut into this area or else your pet will experience extreme pain. Your Dog may even stop using his front leg for a few days because it hurts him so bad. This makes walking difficult for your pet which can cause back problems especially if he weighs alot. So please make sure all of their nails are filed down periodically by taking them to Petco or petsmart to get them done or have someone do them for you. You can also buy a Dremel from Wal-Mart and get the job done yourself.

Dog nails grow continuously throughout their lifetime, just like your nails and hair. They generally keep a balance of nail growth that matches up to what is going on in the rest of the body, so over periods of time their nails will reach a good length. In general, they should never be too long because it can cause discomfort to your dog. To trim your dog’s claws, ask your vet how often this needs to be done depending on the breed and age/size of your pet. And always make sure you go to a vet or professional groomer with experience and extensive knowledge in how to handle dogs if you do the task yourself.

Why do dogs bite their nails
Why do dogs bite their nails

It is seen more often in larger breeds, who’s nails grow at a slower rate than those of smaller dog breeds

This is normal because dogs just like humans want their nails to be shorter so they don’t stick out for everyone to see. They usually do it when they are awake around bedtime or early morning hours. If your dog is healthy and acts as normal as can be, I wouldn’t worry about it unless he seems distressed every time you try to cut his nails. Some dogs even need sedation at the vets office before any trimming can occur; this may be necessary for some bigger breeds that won’t sit still for the procedure.

Nail-biting is a common grooming behavior seen in dogs, but it is not well understood. In some cases, it may be an attention-seeking activity or a reflection of separation anxiety. It could also be a result of boredom or lack of exercise.

If its just nail biting and your dog seems to be okay other than that then I would just leave him alone and give him more attention and playtime outside instead of inside the house. If you see other signs such as other bad behaviors like chewing, digging, scratching up furniture etc., then I would schedule a vet appointment to make sure there isn’t any physical problem going on such as arthritis which can cause pain so badly they’ll find any way to get rid of it.

And always make sure you go to a vet or professional groomer with experience and extensive knowledge in how to handle dogs if you do the task yourself.

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