There are many reasons why cats pee on clothes. Some of the more common reasons are that they don’t like the smell or taste of what you’ve just washed in their laundry, they feel stressed out about something, or they don’t like what you’re wearing.

Here is a list of possible reasons why your cat has an issue with your clothing:

-Did you recently purchase new clothes? Sometimes it takes time for pets to get used to new scents. Cats can actually be afraid of new things if they aren’t introduced correctly (it’s true!). If this has happened to you, try washing the item again without any soap or scent—just water—and see if that helps!

-If there is some type of chemical or scented product on your laundry that the cat doesn’t like, then they may choose to urinate on it in protest. And If you’re not sure what this might be, try washing the item with just water again.

-If you recently wore a new shirt or pair of pants and your cat is still hissing at them or going near them, they may not like how it smells. It’s possible that your clothes were washed with something else (other than detergent) before they were dried—often times fabric softener will linger in clothing after they’ve been washed and rinsed.

Try washing the items again without any soap or scent—just plain water! You can also try sprinkling baking soda into the washer when you turn it on. This will help to absorb any weird odors or scents that might be present.

-If you wear the same clothes over and over again, your cat may think those items are part of their territory and will want to mark them as such by urinating on them. If this is a problem, try washing the item with just water before wearing it again.

-If your cat isn’t spayed or neutered, he/she may feel an instinctual urge to spray around the house because they don’t have a mate. Cats who aren’t spayed or neutered also tend to feel more territorial about certain things/areas in the home, so if you suspect this might be a reason for your cat’s odd behavior, make sure to have them fixed.

-Cats are known for being nervous around people they don’t know, so if you have visitors over frequently or you recently had someone in your home that the cat didn’t like, he/she might be marking their territory in protest. If this is a possibility, try washing the item with just water again and see what happens after a few weeks of no visitors.

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