Those who are owned by cats will certainly have observed how they constantly seem to put their head upside-down. Other people might think that this behavior is nothing more than strange or even stupid. However, there is a reason for this feline phenomenon! Let us look at the reasons Why Do Cats Turn Their Heads Upside Down? and what it means when she puts her head down like this.

Most cat owners do not know why their pet suddenly rests her head on its side with an ear turned back and the chin facing upwards. It may seem odd to you, but rest assured: This behavior of many cats has a purpose behind it…

If your cat suddenly turns its head so that his mouth also faces downwards, he probably wants to be stroked. It is a sure sign that he trusts you and wants to feel your touch.

Sometimes, the cat puts its head upside down because it sees something that interests her. In this case, she likely sees a fly or another insect nearby – before attacking it from below! Alternatively, she may simply enjoy playing “tickle games”. In this context, look out for whether the cat has his claws retracted before you start stroking him…

A third explanation is the attempt to reach certain smells with their mouth: If cats want to investigate something more closely (such as the food they smelled on your kitchen counter), they will turn their head in such a way and thus catch this scent better with their nose or chin thanks to this method.

In addition, cats also occasionally put their heads in this position when they are falling asleep. In this case, it is believed that the reason for this is to make them fall more easily into a deep sleep. This might sound strange because if they do not hold themselves upright on their legs, they will automatically fall.

However, scientists argue that this is still not sufficient evidence to prove that the position of the body does not affect falling asleep – even though there is a lot of speculation about “sleeping like a cat”.

What we can say with certainty: if your cat suddenly puts its head in an unusual position and lets go of everything else around him/her, you should remain calm and leave your pet alone! Your cat, on the other hand, should quickly fall asleep.

Conclusion on Why Do Cats Turn Their Heads Upside Down?

If you know for sure that your cat puts his head down only when he is relaxed and/or sleepy, it is not worth worrying about this behavior. Your precious feline friend will certainly have to turn its head upside down again in the future!

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