It’s a problem that is becoming increasingly common, with more and more cat owners being left wondering why their pet has suddenly taken off.

Although there are some cases where the owner might have done something to upset the animal, this isn’t always the case. Cats can run away for many reasons – these include stress, disease, or just because it is in their nature to do so.

If you own a cat and like to take it out for walks then you will understand what we mean when we say that they don’t always want to come home with you; cats can be very stubborn and give in to temptation by running off into the unknown.

A lot of feline experts believe it is because cats like adventure and like exploring new places, whether that is a friend’s house, a new part of the neighborhood, or just a different place from their own home.

They will often run away from their owner simply because they want to go somewhere else. This can be for many reasons including them smelling something interesting in another direction or even because there is a more comfortable spot somewhere else where they wish to sleep.

It seems strange that cats would want to leave their owners but it is completely within their nature so there isn’t anything we can do about it. A lot of people might believe this means owning a cat makes life difficult because you have less control over them – but the opposite is true as well! They are very independent and don’t require near as much attention as a dog would.

Also, they can be more fun to own as they are always up for an adventure and there’s the added danger of not knowing where they are – making them an ideal pet if you like to live on the edge!

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