Why do cats like to lay on your chest? Every owner knows that it’s usually how you wake up. Your head has been resting on the pillow for hours, but when you open your eyes, your nose is smashed against a warm furry body. A cat is looking intently at you or even worse, getting ready to pounce while giving off some very strong vibes of “I’m in charge here!”

Things have changed since I was a child and my mother would get so annoyed by our cat that she would shoo him away from her with her feet. The truth is that the reason why cats are always on their owners’ chests is that they want to be together. They choose these places because they are where humans are the most relaxed and closest to them.

As if that wasn’t enough, they also get a good helping of skin contact which is something that makes cats feel safe and secure.

The truth is that even though these animals are capable of looking after themselves, there’s no place like home (and your bedroom) for a cat or any other animal for that matter.

Cats can be nurturing and generous too: while we sleep, they keep us warm by laying on top of us and purring to let us know we’re loved.

If you have a cat, you’ll realize that there’s something quite extraordinary about it. They can be playful and lovable but they can also be solitary creatures who prefer to spend time on their own.

Cats can come in all shapes and sizes, with short or long hair, pointy faces, or round faces. They’re intelligent animals which is why they can quickly adapt to new environments.

The domestic cat looks much like its ancestor who used to live in the wild thousands of years ago. Cats are known for their agile bodies (they usually land on their feet) and sharp eyesight. But what about us? What do we bring to the equation when it comes to living together?

Domestication means that cats must be able to get along with people – whether that’s babies or older children or other pets like dogs (although that doesn’t always go according to plan!). A well-trained cat will respond when you call her name and will do what you want because she knows it pleases you.

Just like a dog who likes to please its owner, a cat will learn when to expect a treat and when there is going to be a fuss made over her so that in time she comes to recognize certain words or phrases which mean the same thing every time.

Cats have been known for their independence when humans are concerned but they can also form strong working relationships with people, especially when they have been well cared for from kittenhood. In return, cats provide humans with companionship and entertainment.

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