Why do cats like to lay out in the sun? Cats like laying in the sun because it is relaxing for them, and they need to keep their body temperature regulated. Some cats can get too cold easily, but most cats usually enjoy laying out. If you’re worried about your cat getting burned by the sun, make sure that you watch them closely, and maybe even spray them with some water every once in a while to keep them cool.

Why do cats lay in the sun – Cats who like laying out in the sun usually have light-colored coats and enjoy staying warm. Some short-haired cat breeds such as Persians can be more likely to lay outside than long-haired cats because they don’t require as much protection from the cold.

Is the sun good for cats?

Some cats enjoy laying in the sun so much that they are almost always outside during the day, especially if there is a warm place for them to lay. If you have more than one cat, it may be more interesting for your cat to layout by themselves because sometimes they can get bored of each other after a while.

Why Do cats sunbathe?

Cats are not naturally nocturnal. They are actually crepuscular, meaning they are most active at dawn and dusk when their prey is most likely to be available. Since cats need to hunt to survive, it makes sense that they would be more active during this time. Cats also have a hard time seeing in the dark, so they tend to sleep during the night and be more active in the morning and evening.

Cats use heat from their surroundings to stay warm throughout the day. When cats are outside, they often seek out sunny areas where it is warmer than shaded or cooler areas. So if you’ve ever wondered why your kitty likes to sunbathe, you now have your answer.

Do cats get vitamin D from the sun?

Some cats like to sit in the sun, but most of them are not absorbing vitamin D from the sun’s rays. Cats absorb most of their vitamin D from food. They can get some through their body making it, but this is rare and only happens in the summer when there is higher UVB exposure (from sunlight) which stimulates more production of vitamin D. However, your kitty is not very likely to be making any vitamin D without supplementation if they are an indoor cat.

Can cats regulate their body temperature?

Cats regulate their body temperature in a few ways. Their fur is great at trapping heat and protecting them from cold air or surfaces. Cats also have sweat glands on their paws that they use to cool down when they are overheated, much like dogs do. When cats lie out in the sun, it is not for warmth but rather to naturally cool down. Cats are naturally drawn to sun-basking because their ancestors were desert animals, so they have evolved to enjoy the heat.

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