Cats chew on things, it’s just what they do. They go crazy for chewing and shredding cardboard because it is soft enough to keep them occupied but strong enough to last a while. Cats have a natural urge to chew so find out what could be causing this behavior in yours and how you can put a stop to it before your couch suffers.

Cats love chewing, after all, it’s great exercise and helps wear their teeth down which is important as they are made of bone meaning that without something hard to grind down their teeth will grow continuously throughout their lives.

If your cat has stopped using his or her litter box then the chances are that there is some kind of blockage or illness present – often use one area as their bathroom as a way of marking the area as their territory.

Many cats also chew on paper and cardboard. However, this is often because they find it within their environment – if you leave your recycling bin open or next to a radiator for example then your cat might well investigate and start chewing and eating the contents! This could be very dangerous if your cat were to eat too much of the chemicals found in ink, glues, and dyes so take care when disposing of such items.

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