Why Cats Poop on Bed? Cat poop has a distinctive smell that you can find hard to get rid of. You may wonder why would your cat choose the bed, one of the most used and valuable furniture in your home for this purpose? There are several reasons.

Cats like to mark their territory with pee and poop, so it follows they will try to do so on something they consider valuable. The smellier the place is, the more valued it will be. If you have ever wondered why they would choose your bed when there are plenty of other places in the house that would work just fine, now you know!

The reason might not be that they view it as valuable though. Cats are extremely curious animals and often explore new places by marking them in this way. Sometimes, their curiosity can get the better of them and they may try to mark in every room of the house at least once.

Even if you think your cat is not marking its territory in this way, it could still be pooping on the bed for another reason. They are very clean animals by nature which means that if they poop somewhere – no matter how or why – they will tend to go back there later to cover it up. It is instinctive behavior; cats bury any waste material to hide the scent from predators (they tend to see everything as a predator!)

If your cat has started pooping on your bed then you might notice that it seems frightened when doing so. Is she afraid someone is going to catch her? This may be the case and it could mean that she feels intimidated by someone in your household. Some cats are frightened of their owners for one reason or another – you might sound angry when you speak to them, for example, or maybe she has learned that if she poops in certain places then she gets shouted at.

Cat poop can carry numerous diseases so, even though you love your pet dearly, this behavior needs to stop now before your cat becomes ill because of it. The first step will be finding out why they choose the bed as the place to go.

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