Why Cant Dog Eat Ham?Why Cant Dog Eat Ham?

why can’t dogs eat ham? Many people ask why dogs can’t eat a lot of things, however, it’s mostly about the ingredients. for example, dogs can have ham as long as there isn’t any salt added to the food. also, some dogs are allergic to certain kinds of meat so be careful with what you feed your canine friends! if you find out your dog is allergic to something and you keep feeding them that thing they will explode from all the allergens so beware! now on to another topic: ham tastes good! I know this may seem obvious.

But who wouldn’t want their best friend to experience everything they do? well apparently not everyone because there are dogs out there that don’t get fed yummy foods like ham. if you are one of those people who feed their dog ham, congratulations! but also be cautious because all of the fun stuff doesn’t come without some consequences! for example, your dog will feel sick and throw up…

here’s another question I’m sure everyone has asked themselves:

why can’t dogs eat chocolate?

here is my answer to that question. first, dogs naturally cannot eat certain foods because they can cause harm to them. this may seem like a no-brainer since every animal in the world knows they shouldn’t eat toxins but it isn’t that simple. there are some animals out there that don’t know what they should or shouldn’t do so I guess that’s why humans have to step up and teach them right from wrong. second, if dogs ate chocolate they would get sick. some other things can happen to dogs when they eat chocolate but I won’t go into detail because it’s pretty gross.


what is the most common thing dogs eat that’s bad for them?

dogs can’t eat chocolate or raisins. also, if they aren’t given enough food (and by the food I mean ham) then your dog will start to develop diabetes which is serious and can end up killing your dog even if it’s treated. so please, give your dog ham. I don’t want you to get in trouble.

why can dogs eat ham but not salt? also, why can’t they eat chocolate (or something like that)?

well first of all it’s because they are both salty and sweet. everything salty or sweet is bad for your dog! if your dog eats anything salty or sweet then it will die and you won’t get to watch the dog show with all of your friends and family members who love dogs.

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