Who to Call for Stray Cats? If you can catch them, animal control will pick up the cats and take them to a shelter.

The city pound is at 4600 Foulk Road.

However, there are not many cages available for stray cats because most of the city budget goes to dogs, officials said.

if it’s a domestic cat that might have escaped from a house or something then call here: 302-737-8128

Mary Campbell Animal Adoption & Education Center Hours of Operation Monday – Friday 10a – 7p Saturday – Sunday 12p – 6p Monday – Wednesday Closed Thursday 10a – 9p Friday 10a – 8 pm Saturday 10a – 5pm Sunday 11a – 4pm 302-738-2042


Who to ring about stray cats?

If you happen to see a stray cat, contact the New Castle County Division of Animal Services at (302) 395-2200.

The State Department of Natural Resources is not able to trap strays. If you have backyard cats who are keeping away from their food or water bowls, it might be time for them to return indoors – they’re just not safe outside.

Where to turn for stray cats?

If you want to call the SPCA about a lost or found cat, call (717) 969-6001 http://www.spcaeastcentralpa.org/  or http://www.petfinder.com/  Type in your zip code and “cats” in the keyword search box.

Citizens can contact their local area veterinarian for assistance in trapping a cat; if they do not have a vet, they may contact one of the facilities listed below: Animal Friends (717) 767-6113 or (717) 732-2380 Blue Ridge Humane (717) 569-4151 or (717) 944-6001 East Shore Area Vet Hospital (717) 264-8387 Lighthouse Veterinary (717) 442-7572

What can I do about stray cats in my yard?

If you are trying to get rid of stray cats in your yard, you can place an automatic motion-activated sprinkler or set up a scarecrow. You can also install fencing around the perimeter of your property so that the cats cannot climb over it.

How do you get rid of unwanted stray cats?

If you have tried to keep cats out of your garden but they are still coming, there are several methods you can try:

1. Make a homemade scarecrow: Put on an old pair of jeans and grab a stuffed pillowcase and some scissors. Cut armholes in the pillowcase and slip it over your head, then attach string to the bottom of the pillowcase and attach it to a stake. Place the scarecrow near your garden, along with some aluminum pie pans that will rattle in the wind.

2. Install fencing: An easy way to keep cats out of your yard is by installing fencing around its perimeter or building walls around gardens.

3. Make a homemade cat repellent: Mix 3 tablespoons hot sauce, 1 tablespoon cayenne pepper, and one tablespoon dishwashing liquid in a bucket of water. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and spray it all around your garden every few days to keep cats away.

4. Place mothballs around your yard: Cats do not like the smell of mothballs, so place a few around flowerbeds or wherever they are digging.

5. Place aluminum foil on the ground: Cats do not like walking on aluminum foil because it makes them feel uncomfortable, so spread pieces of aluminum foil across your garden beds. You can also try putting some on top of the mulch to keep cats away from plants.

6. Use natural repellents: Several natural repellents will keep cats out of your yard, including citrus peels and orange oil sprays you can buy at home improvement stores. You can also plant rue, lavender, or lemon thyme near gardens to repel cats naturally.

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