What Will Chocolate Do to My Dog?What Will Chocolate Do to My Dog?

Now, this is a subject that I have always wondered about ever since I was in my 20’s.

I wouldn’t think that chocolate would be the type of thing to cause serious harm, but then again some so many people say it can’t hurt you and when you try it both ways you see the difference right away. But I still remember at one point when I ate some chocolate, probably due to all of these conflicting thoughts; I went crazy thinking that if just ONE bite could do this what will eat tons of it do???

What Will Chocolate Do to My Dog?
What Will Chocolate Do to My Dog?

And so after years of research and deliberation on this topic, along with other factors including personal experiences, here are ALL known facts about Chocolate vs Dogs.

For starters every year thousands upon thousands of dogs die from eating chocolate.

The reason for this is because the chemical theobromine which is naturally found in cocoa beans and to a lesser degree, teas and cola nuts, has a very toxic effect on animals. In other words, chocolate can kill your dog.

So why does it only kill some of them? Dogs come in all shapes and sizes as do humans so let’s compare ourselves to animals since we are researching animals after all. If you compared us side by side at first glance one would say that we’re identical but if you look close enough you’d see something different about every single human being including those creatures called men or women along with those things called boys or girls although they’re not as different as their parents think they are.

Not to mention that all of us would fit into two general groups which would be the group that likes chocolate and the group that doesn’t like it or even hates it. I guess that this is saying something about what humans are made up of but let’s keep in mind that when you’re comparing your dog to a human being, at least in this particular case, there isn’t much if any difference between them whatsoever. Well until now anyway!

So when you compare each one of these creatures side by side it may seem difficult to tell if they have anything in common except the fact that they both look completely different from each other so here’s where things get interesting… Welcome To The World Of vs!

Just like we can compare humans to dogs and see which group they fall into we can also look at two dogs and see which one falls into which category.

It’s not as if dogs are color-coded or anything but it is easy to tell whether the dog enjoys eating chocolate or not after observing it for any sort of length of time because there’s a difference between a dog that likes chocolate and one that doesn’t. And even if there isn’t much difference you’ll usually be able to pick out the dog with chocolate-munching tendencies pretty easily…

This Is The Difference:

The first way to tell these two different types of creatures apart is by looking at their teeth. The obvious, yet easily overlooked, difference is that the dog who likes chocolate will have a more yellowish tint to their teeth whereas the ones who don’t like it or hate it will have an almost grayish sort of look to their pearly whites.

And if you think about it, this makes perfect sense considering that those creatures that enjoy eating chocolate as if they were some type of delicacy obviously show off their shiny teeth by licking them and since we all know what happens after water hits pure oil…

The next thing human beings tend to do when they really love something is keep looking at it even after they’ve had enough simply because they enjoy seeing and admiring their favorite thing so much and so this means that your dog may spend hours trying to lick its chops clean until it gets bored and just goes off to do something else.

The dog that doesn’t like chocolate will act completely different by the way. For starters they’re usually already tired of chewing on it within about five minutes or so, at least most of them are, although they will keep eating it despite this physical handicap (or if you want to look at it another way then consider the fact that after trying chocolate once most dogs don’t ever go back for seconds). And besides their lack of stamina these creatures exhibit other signs as well.

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