what to feed baby rabbits 5 weeks old?what to feed baby rabbits 5 weeks old?

what to feed baby rabbits 5 weeks old? You should also be feeding them fresh high-quality timothy hay at this age. Look for the “artificial additive-free” kind of hay because it tends to be cleaner than other types. Your rabbit will use a lot of his energy just trying to digest that fiberous diet so cut back on his pellets (give him about 1/4 cup max) until his digestion starts to regulate.

I would only give the young rabbits a small number of pellets and lots of hay because if they eat too much, their cecotropes will lack enough nutrients so don’t overdo it.

I always mix the baby rabbits’ bottles with Pedialyte or unflavored Gatorade (Phases One and Two) so they get the full benefit of the extra electrolytes. Do not use rice water as a bottle “filler” for these babies; it is far too low in salt and will cause diarrhea!

what to feed baby rabbits 5 weeks old?
what to feed baby rabbits 5 weeks old?

If you think that your baby’s nose has turned blue then take him/her immediately to a veterinarian as this is usually a sign that he has Hypoglycemia and needs an injection of Glucagon right away.;

GET A VETERINARIAN’S HELP IMMEDIATELY!; The baby rabbit may actually seem to be better for a few hours but will continue to decline without medical treatment.

HYPOXIC-HEAT STROKE (H-ST) is another life-threatening situation for these babies. They can easily become too cold and suffer cardiorespiratory arrest which can be fatal if not properly treated. Signs of H-ST are fever, panting, unresponsiveness, shocky appearance, and seizures or spasms especially when handled. Take all precautions against chilling by using heat lamps only as needed and keeping the room warm enough so that you don’t need one at all.

Adult rabbits, especially New Zealands and Californians, are much more prone to H-ST than other breeds. Never put a rabbit under heat as this will cause it to overheat and die! Also, keep the baby’s bottoms dry; wet fur holds heat poorly.

High ambient humidity can also contribute to hypoxia (low oxygen levels) in baby rabbits. Youngsters that have been without their mothers for too long lack immunity against disease so you should treat them for Coccidiosis by adding a little red apple cider vinegar to their bottles or feedings until they are 3 months old. They can also eat a very small amount of plain yogurt at the same age but only if it is 100% milk-fat-free with live cultures.

If your baby rabbit stops eating for more than a day, takes a great deal of time to drink water, or seems to be lethargic, take it immediately to a veterinarian. Rabbits that are stressed or sick can go into shock which can cause death if not treated quickly.

A healthy adult rabbit weighing around 3-1/2 lbs will eat about 7 oz of pellets and 1 cup of fresh hay each day with some leafy greens such as kale mixed in every couple of days. These amounts vary, however, according to breed and individual rabbits so use your best judgment since you know your bunny the best.

The most important thing is that these babies get lots and lots of love and gentle handling so they don’t develop fear issues. Once a rabbit is afraid of being held it will be very hard to change its attitude because the trust has been broken.

If these babies are handled from birth until at least 3 months, they will bond with you and you can tell them apart by their unique personalities.

If your baby rabbits do get sick, don’t give up on them! In most cases, a little TLC combined with the proper veterinary care will make all the difference in their recovery time and quality of life going forward.

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