What is the best thing to do when your dog eats wood? Ooh, what a question you just asked! It’s a common problem for many dog owners. Dogs eating wood can be very dangerous and if it happens too often, then a trip to the vet may be in order. Here are some things that you should know about dogs eating wood.

Do dogs eat wood?

Dogs eating wood is not unusual or uncommon at all (quite the opposite) but it is true that there are certain breeds of dogs that are more likely to indulge themselves with this “delicacy” than others. Labs, Retrievers, and Shepherds seem to like chewing on sticks which poses another potential health risk to them (broken teeth). On the other hand, there are also dog breeds that will not eat wood at all. These include Poodles and Shih Tzus for example.

Why do dogs eat wood?

Like with most behavior problems in dogs this one has several potential causes as well as solutions. In many cases, it’s just boredom or curiosity that prompts a pup to take a quick lick on a wooden bowl or table leg. Some pups have been known to swallow entire pieces of furniture – I kid you not!

If your pup is suffering from separation anxiety they may be trying to relieve their stress by chewing on something (anything) around them; food bowls, shoes, tables, etc… Also, some breeds like Labradors and Retrievers seem to be more curious than others and will often investigate and chew on new and different things they encounter. This is usually a product of their high prey drive.

What do dogs eat wood?

There are several types of trees that dogs love to eat – young ones, old ones, healthy or dying, it doesn’t matter. They just love chewing on them. But there’s also some other stuff they like so don’t let your guard down when walking in the forest! There’s no telling what you might find!

Here are some examples: Pine Cones, Green branches from trees such as Maple Tree, Cedar tree or Birch tree, Other conifers such as Spruce Tree; all these conifers produce sap that most dogs seem to like, they won’t eat the tree but will chew on its branches for hours! – Other trees that dogs love to munch on are Redwood, Firs, and Aspens.

They all produce a sugary substance called sap. Not only does it smell great but it tastes good as well! Just imagine getting a double whammy from smelling and tasting something at once? Your dog will go crazy with excitement don’t you think?

– Make sure not to confuse lower branches of fruit trees with those belonging to other types of trees. If your pup eats too much fruit he might start throwing up or developing diarrhea which could be very dangerous for his health.

How do I stop my dog from eating wood?

There’s no miracle cure to stop your dog from eating wood. You’ll need lots of patience and dedication to make sure this “problem” does not develop into a serious health issue. You’ll need to be aware of your dog’s behavior and make the necessary changes. Remember, it all comes down to you!

For starters, you’ll want to keep his environment as stimulating as possible; do that by spending more time with him, playing games, or taking walks. Dogs that often play or go for walks tend to be less bored and therefore less likely to eat wood (and other things). Also, try adding some new toys and treats into his routine; this will also help alleviate boredom.

It’s always better if you can figure out why your dog enjoys eating the wood in the first place. If it’s separation anxiety make sure to try and find a solution for that problem. The same goes if your dog is bored, walk him more often or consider getting a companion pet (fish tank with a few goldfish for example).


What do dogs eat when they’re bored?

Dogs will eat almost anything. Just like people; if you don’t keep them busy or entertained most of the time, they’ll find something to occupy their time with. And most likely it won’t be healthy for them. When a dog is bored he may start chewing on furniture (you may have heard of “Chewy” the Bulldog); he may start eating your shoes, pillows, or other things that are within his reach.

If this continues for a long time it will ruin your dog’s health on many levels. Excessive chewing not only destroys household items but can also cause physical harm to your pup including broken teeth, gum damage, oral injuries, and more. Please make sure you take the necessary steps to stop your dog from chewing on stuff.

What do dogs eat in the wild?

As mentioned above; there’s no real “wild” diet for dogs since they are domesticated animals which means their nutritional needs are mostly covered by their owners (dry kibble, canned food, treats). This does not mean that they won’t go into the wild to hunt small prey. For example; it’s very likely for your dog to catch a mouse or other rodent if he encounters one in your house! Some dogs might also find live insects and even larvae inside your home!

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