Ferrets are meat eaters and they should have a diet that consists of quality cat food made specifically for ferrets. Although many people give their ferrets the same cat food that they feed their cats, this is not recommended since most cats have sensitive digestive systems that can handle a wide variety of high-quality cat foods, whereas ferrets will often get diarrhea from some brands of cat food (not all), which may affect the lining of the intestinal tract and cause irritation.

And while some animals do well with dry kibble, ferrets cannot properly digest grains such as corn gluten meal and brewer’s rice without getting severe digestive problems like vomiting and diarrhea, which will dehydrate your pet and could be life-threatening.

There are several brands of ferret food that can be purchased at your local pet store, these foods are made to provide the necessary nutrition for your ferret. It is best to avoid generic brands because they have usually been sitting on the shelf longer and most likely have lost some their nutritional value. Canned cat food is not recommended due to its high carbohydrate content, which can lead to obesity in ferrets.

The type of diet your pet eats will affect his health so it is important you learn what is good for him and what isn’t. The more knowledge you have about their needs, the better off your pet will be. For example, dogs require vitamin C in their daily diets while cats do not; this information can be found in the article Dog Food vs. Cat Food.

What kind of wet cat food can ferrets eat?

Every ferret in the world will die if it doesn’t eat meat, because meat is what they subsist on.

It’s best to feed your ferret a specially formulated cat food made just for them, since most cats are lactose intolerant but not all of them are.

Can ferrets eat blue buffalo cat food?

Most of the time, “cat food” is just fine for ferrets. Some ingredients to avoid are: corn gluten meal, brewers rice, and alfalfa.

If your cat food has these things in it, then I would get rid of it and pick up some more ferret food (preferably one without any of those ingredients, as they are unnecessary and ferrets cannot digest them).

What foods are poisonous to ferrets?

I would recommend feeding your ferret a high quality cat food, not one intended for dogs. The best kind of cat food I can think of is called “Taurine Max”, but I am not sure if it is available outside of the UK.

Can your ferret eat blue buffalo cat food?

Oh, well then I would recommend that you go ahead and feed him/her regular cat food. Cat food is usually high in taurine, which ferrets need to survive. Whether it’s wet or dry does not matter, as long as it’s high quality cat food.

Ferrets were originally domesticated for hunting and killing rats and mice.

They can eat: Quality kitten kibble (not just dry, but canned too), live prey such as rats/mice/rabbits, eggs with soft shells, whole fish (with bones that can be eaten), cooked or raw chicken, beef, fish, pork or lamb.

They should not eat: Dairy products, chocolate, candy/sweets/candy bars, citrus fruit and vegetables with high sugar content such as corn.

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