Here’s a good recipe:

Mix one teaspoon of Dawn dishwashing soap (most other brands will work too but don’t use anything that has oil in it- like olive or almond).

Add this mixture to 1 gallon of warm water.

When your cat is wet (right before you start using the shampoo), add 1 cup of vinegar to this mixture and keep stirring until completely dissolved! Now it’s time for the fun part…

Apply this solution all over them from their head down to their feet making sure to work it into those areas where they can’t reach to scratch or bite at.

Gently massage their skin as you go, making sure not to rub too hard. This will ensure that all the oils from the skin are being pulled out and lifted away from the body so they won’t come back even stronger after a bath! After you have massaged for about three minutes- rinse them off with warm water and then dry completely with a clean towel.

Now your cat might be a little angry because of all this torture but trust me…they’ll thank you later when he’s got no fleas! You can now use any shampoo containing tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil on them without worrying effects since they have been just bathed with vinegar. I would recommend using a flea shampoo that is natural and organic like this one –

The only reason I don’t use the same shampoo on my kitty all the time is that after a bath their fur might feel very dry or flaky so I just use a moisturizing cat shampoo at least twice a week. When you’re done bathing your baby, wrap him in a clean, white towel to absorb excess water from the fur and then place them under a ceiling fan for 20 minutes or until they are completely dry.

You can also put them near a heater but make sure it’s not too close! Once they are dry you should comb them with metal teeth first before applying any other treatment to remove any more fleas and their eggs. After, you can use a high-quality cat flea dip like this one –

Remember…before purchasing anything to use on your pet read the ingredients because some treatments may contain harmful chemicals such as permethrins—which is why you should only buy natural remedies that are organic whenever possible! Do not use sprays or foggers either or even touch those chemical bombs for they can cause irreversible damage to your beloved pet’s health!

Conclusion on What Is the Best Cat Flea Treatment?

Also, please never put any heavy covering over them while they sleep because a lot of times these types of chemicals can be absorbed into their skin from the fur. Additionally, avoid using any ‘spot-on’ medicines without reviews first or asking your vet for a better alternative!

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