What happens if rabbits eat too muchWhat happens if rabbits eat too much

What happens if a rabbit eats too much? Will the rabbits die?

Of course not! Rabbits can’t eat too much because they only eat when they’re hungry. They would eventually be full and stop eating until their carrot craving returns.

If that’s what you mean by “too much”, then the answer is no, but they don’t typically EAT too much and I’m wondering why you think so… Rabbit safe treats: carrots, apples (no seeds), celery, most grasses (avoid dandelions and clover), most leafy greens (romaine lettuce mostly). Varying these occasionally with treats like broccoli, cauliflower, or small pieces of fruit such as blueberries will keep your pet rabbit happy.

A good small treat is a piece of fruit or vegetable about the size of your thumb, which they will sniff suspiciously at first then devour with enthusiasm! A rabbit’s diet should be made up of around 80% hay and grasses, 10% leafy greens, and 10% vegetables, treats, etc. Never feed your rabbit too many treats as this can cause obesity leading to other health problems!

So, to sum up, no, rabbits can’t eat too much, but they should have a diet that consists mostly of hay and grasses with a small percentage of vegetables, leafy greens, and other treats. Obesity is a problem that can arise from feeding too many treats to rabbits, so it’s important to be mindful of how many treats you give your pet. Thanks for reading!

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