what do wild rabbits eat in Washington state?what do wild rabbits eat in Washington state?

what do wild rabbits eat in Washington state? Rabbits are herbivores and eat a variety of plants, including grass. rabbits prefer to eat fresh grass but will also eat dried or browned blades of grass if nothing else is available. Rabbits do not need to drink water because they get the liquid they need from any greens they ingest.

what do wild rabbits eat in Washington state?
what do wild rabbits eat in Washington state?

 The diet of a wild rabbit in Washington state depends on the season and availability of food sources for the animal. In general, rabbits in Washington state eat the following food items:

* Dandelions

* Grasses

* Violets

* Fruits

Like any other animal, wild rabbits also consume vegetation for medicinal purposes. For instance, rabbits eat leaves to cure stomach or urinary infections (hence the saying “to eat like a rabbit”). The grass that is eaten by rabbits contains vitamin K which is essential for blood clotting.

When it comes to fruits, one of the most preferred delicacies in Washington state is raspberries gathered in late summer. Another important fruit consumed by wild rabbits is called juniper berries; this kind of berries was used as an insect repellent which helps understand why you can often see wild rabbits close to bushes and trees. When wintertime comes around, Washington State’s Rabbits enjoy eating the following:

* Tree bark

* Willow seedlings and catkins

* Prickly pear cactus pads and fruit (this is a good example of how rabbits can digest non-edible plants)

Wild rabbits in Washington State like to live close to water sources such as lakes, ponds, streams, etc., mainly because those places provide them with plenty of food. However, if those aquatic environments are polluted or overpopulated with predators such as foxes or raccoon dogs (leading to high death rates), then rabbits start looking for safer territories.  Rabbits move fast – they can run at speeds up to 50km/h – so spotting one in the wild is not very easy even though their natural habitat extends all over the United States.

If you see a rabbit in Washington State, there is a great chance that it’s a wild one. However, many domesticated pet rabbits were abandoned by their owners and now they live in the wild; this means that some of those animals might also be found across state borders.

The best way to find out whether the animal you accidentally spotted belongs to the aforementioned categories is by checking its ears (if not worn down with wear, most pet rabbits have rounded ears). Wild rabbits do not like human contact and the only time they might approach people is if hungry or thirsty; therefore, avoid feeding them because it will change their behavior for good (they’ll come back for more food until they become dependent on it).

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