what do rabbits do with their dead babies?what do rabbits do with their dead babies?

Rabbits may eat their young, which may seem very shocking for people who are used to keeping rabbits as pets. However, it is a natural response for wild rabbits when they live in the wild or in large numbers where there is not enough food to feed everyone. 

They only do this when they have no other option.

what do rabbits do with their dead babies?

Do rabbits bury their dead babies?

Wild rabbits sometimes bury their dead babies, but domesticated rabbits usually do not. It depends on the breed of rabbit and how wild or tame it is.

Do wild rabbits eat their young if they are hungry?

Yes, they can become very hungry. Rabbits in the wild will often eat their babies young when food supplies are low. In this case, they will not eat their young in one go, but rather store them in a safe place for when they are hungry. They may end up eating them weeks later if there is nothing else to feed on. 

How do rabbits find the bodies of their dead babies?

Rabbits have an excellent sense of smell and they will sniff their young to find them. They do this so that they can eat them later, not right away.

Are wild rabbits cannibals?

Yes, if the conditions force them to do it such as food shortage or overcrowding in a small area, then cannibalism may be the only option for survival.

Rabbits cannibalism is not exclusive to domestic rabbits, but wild feral rabbits may also eat their young. This is more common in some breeds of rabbits than others.

Do rabbits have any other reactions when they lose a baby?

They are very sensitive creatures and will often become depressed if they lose a baby to cannibalism. They may stop eating during this time as well as become very lonely and alienated from the rest of the group.

Rabbits are also very protective of their young and will do anything to keep them safe, even if it means they have to sacrifice themselves for their baby. 

What do you do if you find a dead baby bunny?

If you find a dead baby bunny or other animals in your yard, there is nothing to worry about. This is a natural occurrence and if the mother is not around it may be because she is out looking for food for them.

Chances are that the babies will be able to fend on their own until their mother returns. 

What do you do if there are live baby bunnies in the nest?

If you find live bunnies in the nest then this is a good sign that they will be all right. This means that their mother has abandoned them, but not eaten or killed them.

It can take rabbits up to three days before they return to their young once they have been abandoned, so leave the nest alone until this time is up.

If you are worried that there are no signs of life in the babies, then you can do a check on them by taking them out of the nest and holding them lightly so that any movement will be felt easily. If there is no response after doing this then they have probably been eaten by their mother.

Feral rabbits only produce one litter of young a year. The fact that the bunnies are still alive after three days means that their mother is not around and will definitely not be returning for them any time soon.

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