What do rabbits commonly die from?What do rabbits commonly die from?

What do rabbits commonly die from?

There are lots of different health problems associated with most animals however the most common ones in rabbits include… Obesity: This is linked to lack of exercise and too much food.

For all of us that share our lives with rabbits, it is very important to recognize the signs and symptoms to watch for when they are not feeling well.

Rabbits can get all sorts of different diseases but there are some common things that I see in my veterinary clinic.

Lymphoma – This is by far the most common and serious illness I see in rabbits. There is a vaccine available for this disease but it does not work very well and therefore, should not be depended on to prevent it. Signs of lymphoma include weight loss, depression, lack of energy, and an enlarged spleen. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this disease.

What do rabbits commonly die from?

If your rabbit has any of these symptoms or even if you are not sure, bring them in to see me right away! Lymphoma can progress rapidly and may cause death within a few days. If it is caught early enough there are some treatments that I use that will give the bunny a much better chance.

Pasteurella Multocida – This bacteria commonly infects the respiratory tract and produces large quantities of toxins which then spread throughout the body causing multiple organ failures. It is particularly common in rabbits with very nasal problems due to mites and/or allergies.

Signs include loss of appetite, lethargy, thick nasal discharge, and sneezing. Of course, there might be other diseases or issues that cause some of these symptoms such as mites, so it is important to pay attention to all the body systems.

Unfortunately, there is no treatment for Pasteurella once it has invaded the bloodstream and started producing toxins. However, if caught early enough at least we can try antibiotics to help prevent it from spreading throughout the body and provide antibiotics against any bacterial infections that may be present.

Fungal & Yeast Infections: Most rabbits get a certain amount of yeast living on their skin and in small quantities this is normal and nothing to worry about.

However, an overabundance of yeast can cause itching and redness of the ears or feet or any other part where there are folds or crevices in which moisture collects(such as along the spine).

Because yeast requires moisture to grow, preventing your rabbit from getting wet is very important. You can wipe them down with diluted betadine or apply topical anti-fungal treatments if it is severe enough. Please see your veterinarian for any skin infections that are not clearing up on their own.

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