what do 2 week old rabbits eat?what do 2 week old rabbits eat?

When it comes to feeding your baby rabbits at around 2 weeks old, you need to understand that their nutritional needs are different from those of an adult. Therefore, what you feed them is also another thing to consider for this age.

Starting the Feeding Schedule

At two weeks, a baby rabbit should be fed 3-4 times a day. Each meal should last about 20 minutes and the food should be fresh. If she eats everything, let her rest for 15-20 minutes before starting on the next meal. Start with pellets as the main course along with alfalfa hay, water, and if needed some leafy greens or vegetables (the amount depends on your pet’s appetite).

what do 2 week old rabbits eat?
what do 2-week old rabbits eat?

You start giving small portions of fruits, vegetables, or water at this age.

For the first three meals, feed them strictly on pellets and fresh food (hay & veggies). Black oil sunflower seeds are also okay to use as snacks for your juveniles after they’ve eaten their first 3-4 meals. Don’t overdo it though since you can give them about 1 tablespoon per day. You want to take care in not giving too much extra food because it could cause diarrhea in babies and there is a possibility of bloat in adult rabbits due to their unique stomach design. If anything happens, remember that it’s normal and just go with the flow so there won’t be any problems in the future.

Even if you’re feeding your young rabbit good quality commercial food, you still need to give your pet hay, veggies, and water. Young rabbits should be fed for about 6-8 weeks or until they meet their adult size. You can adjust the meals accordingly based on your rabbit’s physical development.

For the second 3-4 meals, feed them properly with pellets and fresh foods along with some leafy greens (if needed). After this point, you can start feeding them only healthy vegetables (except carrots & potatoes) like peas, green beans, lettuce leaves, cucumber slices, etc…

At this age, it is best to feed each young rabbit in its own box so he won’t feel frightened while eating. One container of food will last for four days since you’ll be feeding him three times a day.

If you have a pregnant female or a mother with babies, it is best to give them enough space so they won’t feel too crowded. If your pet’s cage is small, then you should build an alternative house for him since it might get overcrowded under conventional living conditions. A large dog crate can be used as an alternative house for this matter.

Remember that there are different varieties of rabbits in the world and these are just some general guidelines on how to properly feed your young rabbits so they’ll grow up healthy and strong.

·          Rabbits have unique stomachs which means they need their own food source to stay healthy

·          Pellets are a great source of protein for young rabbits

·          Feed them fresh foods from the beginning to make sure they get their nutrients from those sources as well

·          It’s important to feed them hay and veggies as well along with pellets and fresh food since it gives your pet all the right nutrition he needs to stay strong and healthy.

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