There are many reasons why your cat’s litter box is not the only place in your home that will end up with a puddle of urine. More often than not it is because your cat has a history of bladder infections or kidney problems, in which case you need to change their diet to something prescription. But unless you’ve had these issues show up in tests, urinary tract infections might be causing this behavior.

Here are some causes for the problem and Stop Cats from Peeing on Rugs

a) Your Cat Wants to Mark its Territory Peeing outside the litter box can actually just be a form of marking territory. You have to understand that cats are very clean animals and they don’t like dirty places so when there is no other option but using their pee pads, they will be turned off while doing what they need to do.

A good way for this would be to offer them a choice of sorts and try putting two litter boxes next to each other: one with what they’re used to and the other with something different. If you have an open area, try placing more than one box so your cat will feel like there are several options.

b) Your Cat Might Not Like Its Box Did you know that some cats refuse to use littler boxes if their litter is not cleaned often enough? We all get busy from time to time and we cannot always keep up with our responsibilities, but your cat needs it done too! Make sure that you clean out its box at least once a day and change the litter whenever it’s needed. If your cat still pees on the floor and you do this, then there might be something else that is bothering them.

c) You Cat Might Have a Medical Condition There are several medical problems that can cause urinary incontinence in your cat to the point where they can’t hold their pee anymore. Diabetes is one of these things, as well as kidney infections or liver diseases . So if you find out that your pet has any issues like these, make sure to take it to the vet for treatment before its condition gets worse. Also, don’t forget about arthritis : if your older cat has this kind of ailment, it can also stop her from reaching kitty litter box in time.

d) Your Cat Might Be Stressed If your pet is showing any of these symptoms, you have to remember that this could be because it’s stressed out. There might be too many animals around for their liking or they are even being bullied by another cat in case there are more than one.

This means moving the litter box might not help much if it’s something else causing them to pee on rugs. But you can help them relax with playtime or cuddling at least once a day and see how that goes. Keep in touch with your vet about this solution if your cat gets worse.

e) Your Cat Might Be Peeing Because of Pain Urinary incontinence can also come from pain, whether physical or emotional. We all know how much we value our freedom and we cannot even imagine living with pain all the time. Cats can get urinary tract infections just like we do, except it’s a bit harder to figure out because their symptoms are not as obvious. The only way for your vet to know what is going on is through testing, so don’t forget that part too if you think your cat might be in pain for some reason.

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