My Rabbit Just Sits in The Same Spot All DayMy Rabbit Just Sits in The Same Spot All Day

There’s nothing particularly wrong with a rabbit that just sits in one spot all day, but it can be frustrating for the owner. Rabbits are naturally prey animals, so they like to have a safe place to hide and watch their surroundings. If your rabbit is sitting in the same spot all the time, it may be because she feels uncomfortable. Here are a few things you can do to make her more comfortable and put an end to the sitting:

make sure your rabbit has enough space to roam around in and explore—at least 10 square feet (though even that is cutting it close for two or more rabbits). This may not be practical in every situation, especially if your rabbit is confined to a cage.

the flooring may need to be changed – carpet and tile can be too slippery for rabbits, especially if they’re older or newly spayed/neutered. Consider using materials such as newspaper, towels, or old clothing for your rabbit’s floor—just make sure that anything you use is non-toxic and doesn’t have any loose threads that could be dangerous.

try adding some new toys or furniture to your rabbit’s environment to give her something new to explore. A cardboard box, a pile of untreated wood blocks, or a small blanket can all make great playthings.

make sure that any changes in your rabbit’s environment are made gradually, and that you give her plenty of time to acclimate before expecting her to be active.

you can also try shifting her feeding schedule—rabbits usually feed twice a day, but if you spread out their food so they get several small meals throughout the day instead, they may be more active and less inclined to sit in the same place all day.

My Rabbit Just Sits in The Same Spot All Day
My Rabbit Just Sits in The Same Spot All Day


Q: Why does my rabbit sit in the same spot all day?

A: There could be several reasons, but most commonly it’s because the rabbit feels unsafe or uncomfortable. You can try making some changes to her environment to make her more comfortable.

Q: What should I do if my rabbit is sitting in the same spot all the time?

A: Try making some changes to her environment, such as giving her more space to roam around, changing the flooring, or adding new toys. You can also try spreading out her food throughout the day instead of feeding her twice a day.

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