Do you have a pet cat? If the answer is yes, then I bet your life is incomplete without a pet cat. In my opinion, people who love cats are more lovable and caring in nature. Cats are the most adorable pets on this planet. As they keep on purring around us, they become our strength from within to face all kinds of challenges that come into our lives. They make us feel calm and cool when we get angry or frustrated about anything going wrong in our lives. A number of benefits can be reaped by a cat owner including relaxation of mind, strengthening of social relations, and better health condition with regular exercise.

Cats do not need any professional training for walking or running around the home as their extremely flexible muscles, bones, and joints come into play to move from one place to another where they do not face any hurdles. Cats have a friendly nature with all their surroundings, be it humans or other pets in the house including dogs. In case you want to take your cat out for a walk, then there are chances that it might not entertain you much as dogs are more obedient pets than cats. As compared to dogs, cats are less dependent on humans for entertainment purposes though they can also be trained if required which depends upon the owner’s interest in his cat pet.

Cats are fussy eaters by nature which means that they cannot eat food just because it is tasty but have some criteria according to their nutritional needs which should be fulfilled for healthy living. They are finicky eaters which means they would not touch food unless it is fresh, tasty, and nutritious. If you have ever watched your cat closely while eating its meal or tried to feed it with your own hands, then you might have noticed that cats try to remove the unwanted things from their plate to make sure that they only take the best part of the dish leaving behind all other ingredients. Cats do not eat anything until they are completely satisfied with their taste buds being tackled well by the food.

For keeping our pet cat healthy and ready for any challenging situation in life where it can be required to fight against foes, we should keep certain points under consideration which include making them mentally strong, physically active, maintaining proper hygiene standards at home, feeding them on time and ensuring their safety while they are outside in the neighborhood. For making your cat healthy mentally as well as physically, you must give it different types of toys to play around with through which they can explore the hidden energy reserves that lie within them. You can also provide some interesting supplements to cats!!

As said before that cats are finicky eaters by nature which means they would not touch food unless it is fresh, tasty, and nutritious. Cats cannot eat anything until they are completely satisfied with their taste buds being tackled well by the food. This makes it all the more important for us to feed our pet cats only with the best type of food which contains all essential nutrients in appropriate quantities so that they are able to fulfill their nutritional needs.

Cats are not able to produce the amino acid called lysine as they cannot manufacture proteins on their own as it is done by humans and other mammals. This means they have to depend upon their pet owners for getting this important nutrient in appropriate amounts so that they can grow healthily without any complications arising out of low levels of lysine in their bodies. Feeding cats with phos is absolutely necessary if you want them to live longer!!

An interesting fact about cats is that they are unable to build body muscles effectively even though they are required for fighting against invading microorganisms causing infections in the body organs. Cats suffer badly from different types of diseases when there are deficiencies of certain minerals and vitamins present in their body. There are a few other symptoms that might be noticed in the case of a cat with a deficiency of lysine in its body systems such as diarrhea, skin allergies, poor health conditions, and others.

Ensure your pet’s safety while you are going out for jogging or some other outdoor activity where it can come across different types of hazards like roads, cars moving at high speeds, sharp objects, and others. Cats cannot fight against such dangers on their own because they do not have the required physical strength to confront them successfully. You should make sure that there is no object left over which might cause injury to your cat when it is playing around in the house like needles, pins and others.

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