Cats are known for their finicky eating habits, but that doesn’t mean all foods are bad for them. Even if they seem tasty humans can enjoy whipped cream with no problems at all. What is the problem with cats and whipped cream? Can cats eat whipped cream safely?

Whipped Cream & Cats

The simple answer to this question is NO, you should never feed your cat or kitten any type of non-dairy creamer or toppings like Cool Whip or Reddi-Wip because it could be harmful to them. While these types of toppings may be fine for people to eat they do not make good food choices for felines (or puppies).

What happens if a cat eats whipped cream?

Most commonly, cats that eat non-dairy items like whipped cream will get diarrhea. Some cats can also become quite ill with intestinal upset, vomiting, and/or excessive thirst. If your cat does not have any of these symptoms but ate some dairy treat you might want to keep an eye on him or her because they could develop them over time.

Although it is highly unlikely that a little bit of whipped cream would kill your cat it certainly isn’t beneficial for their overall health. No type of dairy should be given to feline friends under any circumstances. Cats are lactose intolerant and giving them products containing dairy will cause stomach upset and other digestive problems just like it does in humans.

As long as you remember never to give human food to your kitty your furry friend will most likely never know what he/she is missing out on.


What are some safe foods for cats?

If you want to give your cat a little bit of tasty cooking here are some things that are perfectly fine if they eat them in moderation: ¬†cooked meats, eggs, cooked vegetables, and cooked grains (rice is particularly good for kitties). A good general rule is if something looks like it could be okay for your cat to have that’s probably okay unless you are 100% sure it isn’t. Cooking anything that has any type of meat or animal fat in it will help neutralize the strong flavors present in processed foods so please ask your veterinarian before giving any food cooked to humans to an animal!

Any type of food should be given to a cat only in moderation, however, the trick is to give them something they will enjoy and benefit from.

Is it OK to give cream to cats?

Cats need several nutrients which you can provide them only by the food they eat. Those are vitamin A, taurine, arachidonic acid, omega-3 fatty acids, niacin, and certain water-soluble B vitamins. Cats cannot produce essential nutrients like vitamin A or taurine in their bodies so they must be provided through their diet. Cats cannot produce the biologically active form of vitamin A in their bodies, so they must get all of it from food or supplements. Their main source is a precursor to beta-carotene called pro-vitamin A which is found in many animal products including liver, eggs, and dairy foods.

How much whip cream can a cat have?

This question has no definite answer. If a cat eats a little bit of whipped cream containing some antifreeze it will probably be fine, but there is no way to know for sure. You should always play it safe and keep any type of non-dairy topping or cream well out of your kitty’s reach just in case.

Is it healthy for cats to have whipped cream?

Cats are obligate carnivores which means that they must have meat in their diet. Cats cannot properly digest plant-based proteins, so any type of dessert food containing them will not be good for your cat. Commercially available feline diets are formulated to be complete and balanced with all of the nutrients your cat needs so there is no need to give them any human foods.

Why are cats not supposed to have whipped cream?

Cats are carnivores so they require a diet that derives its energy from animal tissue, not plant material. As such, the calories in whip cream will not sustain life for your feline friend.

Do cats like heavy cream?

Cats are carnivores so they require a diet that derives its energy from animal tissue, not plant material. As such, the calories in heavy cream will not sustain life for your feline friend.

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