Some people love to eat popcorn. It’s a perfect movie night treat and is widely considered a tasty snack. But can cats eat popcorn?

The Popcorn Snack

Cats should not be allowed to eat any type of human food, especially those containing high levels of saturated fats such as butter or animal fat. These types of food contribute to the development of serious medical conditions like diabetes and heart disease. And if that isn’t enough reason for you to keep your cat away from eating unhealthy snacks, it could also lead to feline obesity which causes other health issues such as arthritis and back problems.

But does this mean that there aren’t any types of snacks that our feline friends can enjoy without causing harm? Fortunately, there are a few types of snacks that cats can eat. You should always refer to your veterinarian before allowing your cat to munch on any type of snack though.

One food that’s safe for cats to eat is popcorn, but only if it’s plain and unsalted. Unsalted popcorn won’t contain any sodium which causes serious medical conditions such as hypertension and heart disease in humans and animals alike. But you should still remember not to give your kitty too much of this snack since it will cause feline obesity, which we already mentioned earlier down the page.

So now that we’ve established that popcorn is one of those snacks that cats can safely eat, let’s discuss why some people believe it isn’t good for our furry feline friends.


The Negative Side of Popcorn

Most people think that popcorn isn’t good for cats simply because they see bits of popcorn stuck in their pet’s teeth and gums after a movie night or here and there throughout the day. This is definitely a sign that your cat ate some type of snack, but you should not assume this to mean popcorn without verifying it with a veterinarian first.

Also remember that just because your kitty may have eaten some types of snacks including popcorn before, it doesn’t mean he’ll be 100% okay the next time around when you allow him to eat it again. You need to know if your feline friend has any allergies or sensitivities when taking care of them every animal is different and will react differently to certain foods.

Does popcorn make cats sick?

In short, it can. Popcorn can make cats sick by causing feline obesity and choking them. Now, this is a little exaggerated since your cat would have to eat a lot of popcorn for these two conditions to be present, but it’s better safe than sorry – especially when you’re dealing with the health of your pet!

Is it OK if my cat ate popcorn?

If your cat ate a little bit of popcorn, then there’s no reason to be concerned. However, if they consumed a large portion of it without you knowing, then you should definitely contact a veterinarian as soon as possible. Popcorn can cause choking or feline obesity which both require prompt medical attention from a professional.

Is it normal for cats to like popcorn?

Absolutely! Cats love to eat meat and since popcorn doesn’t contain any, it’s a perfect alternative when you want your kitty to munch on something.

If I give my cat some popcorn, will they get sick?

Popcorn in itself is not known to cause feline obesity or respiratory problems if fed in moderation. However, giving your cat too much of it will cause health problems due to the high caloric content found in popcorn.

A cat eating popcorn isn’t necessarily unhealthy, but if they’re eating larger portions than normal then this can be potentially dangerous for their well-being.

What Snacks Can I give my cat?

Also, remember not there are many types of snacks that cats can eat. Some of them include treats, fruits, and vegetables, fish, certain types of dry dog food, etc. You should always consult with your veterinarian if you plan on feeding any type of snack to your cat because some can be potentially harmful to their health.

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