Is eucalyptus oil safe for dogs?Is eucalyptus oil safe for dogs?

Eucalyptus oil is obtained from the leaves of Eucalyptus tree. It is also known as Tincal and Gumtrees oil. Generally, eucalyptus oil has many health benefits such as to combat flu and colds, acts as a natural expectorant, boosts the immune system and reduces blood pressure (give more details). However, dogs could be poisoned by ingesting eucalyptus oil.

Currently, there are no well-controlled studies about whether dogs can tolerate eucalyptus oil or not. In general, canine should avoid ingesting things that human take as it might be harmful for dogs due to their physiology differences with human body. Some cases have been reported where eucalyptus oil poisoning occurred in dogs.

In case of ingestion, toxicity may occur as the eucalyptus oil is a toxic substance. Eucalyptol and cineole are two main components found in this essential oil which responsible for its toxicity. Toxic effects could include vomiting, diarrhea, hypersalivation, tremors, seizures or depression/depressed reflexes (give more details). At high dosages of exposure to this product, all these clinical signs might be observed. However, some other subclinical changes can also be observed such as increased liver enzymes levels on blood chemistry tests. A new study was conducted by Australian scientists to examine potential developmental effects of eucalyptus oil following prenatal exposure on rats. The main components of eucalyptus oil (eucalyptol and cineole) were shown to be teratogenic.

Is eucalyptus oil safe for dogs?
Is eucalyptus oil safe for dogs?

Short-term adverse effects of this product can be seen if the dogs are exposed by ingesting or smelling eucalyptus oil. Dogs might be affected after they accidentally chew on some leaves, bark, branch or even inhale the vapors of the essential oil. Generally, ingestion produces more severe clinical signs than inhalation since it is one of the common route for human to take in medications. However, dogs do not have same response with humans when it comes to taking medications orally as most medication that can be given orally cannot be absorbed effectively in dogs due to their physiology differences which result in dogs having short life spans compared to humans.

Signs of acute poisoning could be seen within minutes up to several hours after ingestion. Signs might include depression, vomiting, tremors, increased salivation (give more details). There are cases where the dogs die right away after exposure because the dogs were very sick. However, it has also been reported that some dogs can survive with supportive care which includes giving activated charcoal orally to bind the substance in the stomach and induce vomiting as well as giving intravenous fluids for dogs affected by tremors or seizures. Thus, if you suspect that your dog is poisoned by eucalyptus oil, please contact veterinarian immediately for further instructions.

Long-term toxicity effects based on animal study have not been shown yet. However, it is recommended to keep dogs away from this product since dogs might be sensitive to its toxicity effects. The following are some tips for dog owners who want to use products containing eucalyptus oil:

1) Use the product on your own first before apply them on dogs as some people may have negative reactions towards the products

2) Avoid using essential oils of unknown origins as they might be adulterated with toxic chemicals that can cause poisoning in dogs

3) Avoid applying pure essential oils on pets especially if they are sick or weak

4) Do not allow your pet to lick you after you apply the eucalyptus oil based products on yourself as dogs also love licking human body and their tongues might be able to reach the product on your skin.

Is eucalyptus oil safe to diffuse around dogs?

One possible way for a dog to be exposed to the essential oil is by sniffing vapors from the diffuser. Although no scientific evidence has been shown about this case, it is not considered safe to diffuse eucalyptus oil around dogs. Any essential oils could potentially cause adverse effects in pets both topically and when inhaled because their sense of smell is much more sensitive compared to human.

Another concern for owners that have dogs that love sticking their head into places where they might find essential oils or other substances that could be dangerous to them is the presence of automated vacuum cleaners. Dog owners should take caution when using these machines especially if their pets are in the room during cleaning time since the suction of the automated vacuum cleaners might pull out essential oils that are present in carpets or other fabrics.

If you want to keep your dog safe, avoid using any products containing eucalyptus oil around them especially if they are not used for human consumption. It is also recommended to contact veterinarian should your dog experience any health problems after being exposed to eucalyptus oil.

Is eucalyptus oil safe for dogs to breathe?

Yes, it is safe to breathe eucalyptus essential oil but make sure that you are not overheated or exhausted when you take in this kind of air since it might be irritating for the respiratory system.

Eucalyptus oil has many potential uses however; there are some precautions that should be taken into consideration especially if you are using this essential oil on animals. It is best to consult veterinarian first before applying eucalyptus oil based products on dogs since they might be sensitive to its potential toxicity effects. If you are not sure about how your pet would react, do not apply any of the product on them and use it first on yourself or other people instead.

What essential oils are safe to use for dogs?

Many essential oils are safe to use for dogs since they have natural insect-repelling properties. However, there are some dog owners that tend to confuse these products with perfumes or colognes which contain a lot of chemicals and additives.

What essential oils are safe to use for dogs?
What essential oils are safe to use for dogs?

Be cautious in using essential oils around your pets especially if you cannot monitor their every move since it can cause adverse effects. Also, avoid using essential oils of unknown origins as they might be adulterated with toxic chemicals that can cause poisoning in dogs.

Pet owners should also take into consideration the factors that can influence their pet’s sensitivity and reactivity towards essential oil such as genetics, pre-existing ailments and other factors to ensure safety since pets might suffer from adverse effects especially if their instinct tells them not to take in these substances.

Is eucalyptus oil safe for dogs? The answer is no, since it can lead to skin irritation or poisoning. If you want to use any essential oils on your dog, make sure that you test the product first on yourself before applying it around

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