You can use a hairdryer in a warm setting to blow some steam into your cat’s ears. This will help loosen the dirt and gunk inside, allowing it to come out easier when you clean their ears next. You can also apply a few drops of mineral or baby oil into your cat’s ears after doing this. Rub it around gently with a cotton ball, but don’t get too carried away because you don’t want to make matters worse by pushing any of the dirt further down into their ear where it can cause an infection.

After they’ve soaked for about 10 minutes, take a small amount of rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) and dab it onto a cotton swab. Gently wipe out the dirt, wax, or other gunk which has loosened up. If there is very heavy earwax buildup (a condition known as otitis), you will need to visit your vet because mineral oil can’t dissolve this harder debris.

If you feel your cat shaking her head excessively while you’re trying to clean their ears, take them to a vet immediately. This could mean there is a lot of earwax buildup that you cannot remove, which can be a sign of a more serious health issue.

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Conclusion on How to Treat Cats with Ear Mites?

This is some of the best tips I have come across for cleaning a cats ears and removing excess wax etc. It’s really good how it mentions needing to consult a vets if the earwax buildup is too much since that can cause serious problems in pets.

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