How to Grow Wheatgrass for Cats? Learn how to grow your own wheatgrass to make a healthy snack for your pet cat. This is very easy and the ingredients are easily obtained from any grocery store or health food store. It will also last for several weeks in the refrigerator if kept in an airtight container like a mason jar (with a little bit of breathing room).

Ingredients and Supplies You Will Need

You can find all these ingredients at pretty much any supermarket or health food store. 1 cup unprocessed wheat berries 1/4 cup dried alfalfa 1/2 tablespoon kelp granules 1-quart water The Supplies You Will Need To Grow It 1 jar with tight-fitting lid (mason jars work great) 2 paper strainers (or a few layers of cheesecloth or tightly woven cotton cloth) 1 tray to fit under the jar for collection of excess water after each rinsing.

Steps For Growing Wheatgrass

This is really quite simple. There are several steps, but none of them are difficult. Buy the ingredients and supplies if you don’t already have them on hand, rinse the wheat berries well in a strainer, put them into your jar with dried alfalfa, add water, screw on the lid, store at room temperature for 3 days, then open it up and pour out any floating seeds that have sprouted, then rinse the wheat berries, pour out excess water, cover with jar lid and set it back out on your counter for another couple of days at room temp.

After that rinse again and let sit once more at room temperature covered until you see sprouts emerging from about half of the seeds. Then rinse one last time, pour off excess water, return to the countertop covered until all of the seeds have sprouted their little shoots. It is not recommended to keep wheatgrass for longer than 10 days in the refrigerator as it will lose its flavor/energy/nutrition.

How To Serve Wheatgrass For Cats After giving your wheatgrass a final rinse or two you are ready to serve up some healthy snacks! The only way I feed mine is very simple. I just place a couple of tablespoons into the cat’s dish and that’s it. They always eat what they want and leave the rest for later, or it will grow too long if left in the water tray.

Please Note: Be sure to remove any wheatgrass from your pets’ bowls after a few hours as it will start to ferment/rot due to being wet and not having an airtight seal on your pet’s plate. You can also make fresh batches weekly as needed with no problems at all. Also, do not let the sprouts sit out longer than ten days as this may cause them to go bad…they can even mold. Make sure you place them into a container that is properly sealed so that way they stay fresh.

Conclusion on How to Grow Wheatgrass for Cats?

Since cats are carnivores they require meat in their diets, but growing and serving your own wheatgrass to your kitties is an excellent way to provide them with some variety and extra nutrition that can benefit their health and vitality.

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