how to get rid of bad breath in cats

The cat is a cute animal. But some owners may complain about its mouth odor, especially when it’s time for you to play with your feline friend. Cats also have bad breath! Bad smell coming from their mouth can infect both people and other pets who are around them. So do not be surprised if your mum or dad says “Your cat has stinky mouth!” 

Let us see how to keep the cat’s mouth fresh all day long;

You should regularly brush your cat teeth, at least 3 times a week. The toothbrush must be soft enough for you to use on her. First massage her lips by using circular motions around them before brushing the teeth itself. Do the same thing every time you brush her teeth. You can use cat toothpaste or human toothpaste, but if your pet does not like the taste of it, do not force her. That’s why many people use special food to clean their cats’ teeth.

These foods are rich with vitamins that help to prevent plaque and tartar on the feline’s teeth. Some owners feed their pets with these foods for just 1-2 weeks at least once a month. If your cat does not have enough time to eat this food, use special treats for them instead of traditional dog biscuits!

The most common problem in cats is bad breath or halitosis .  As we said before, each animal will usually have an unpleasant odor coming from its mouth. But if the smell is very strong, this indicates that there is a problem with your pet’s health or oral hygiene. So you should consult an experienced veterinarian who will advise you how to get rid of bad breath in cats .

Bad smell often occurs due to dental disease, periodontal disease or tonsillitis . Periodontal means gums diseases, while tonsillitis affect the cat throat. Your pet may have one of these difficulties if it has tartar deposits on its teeth and gums are inflamed, red and swollen. Infection will lead to foul smell!!

Other reasons for chronic halitosis are poor cat diet, food allergies or lack of vitamins . If your pet is getting only raw meat without any additives, you should add some vegetables to the menu. If your female cat has kittens, there is a likelihood that she will have chronic mouth odor.

The last reason is probably the most common cause of halitosis in cats — gum disease . It usually affects older pets and occurs due to plaque or tartar accumulation on the teeth. Tartar often contains bacteria, so it will lead to bad smell coming from mouth even if your pet’s breath is completely fresh during grooming!

How can you prevent gum disease?

You should regularly brush her teeth at home or visit professional groomers who will do this for you .  

Another important thing about keeping feline mouth healthy is proper dental care . For example, if your cat gets its milk by chewing on ice cubes or carrots , its teeth will not be cleaned. So it is better to use a special food for cleaning the mouth and add some fresh vegetables to your pet’s menu!

There is also a special type of water fountains that prevent tartar accumulation on the cat’s teeth. The fountain adds extra oxygen into your pet’s drinking water, which does not happen in normal bowls. This added oxygen destroys bacteria that are responsible for bad smell!

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