How to Apply Terramycin for Cats? Ear mites are a very common problem for cats. The most effective treatment is the use of an ointment called Terramycin (oxytetracycline). Unfortunately, there are several reasons why this medication is not commonly prescribed. It can sting when applied and it stains everything it touches, including your clothes and carpet!

After spending hours researching in forums, books, vets’ websites, and even in my old pathology textbooks I have compiled the following guide on how to apply Terramycin for cats.

To begin with, you will need some Terramycin ointment (TTO) or generic oxytetracycline powder. You can buy both over-the-counter without a prescription at farm supply stores or order them online.

To begin with, your cat must be off all other medications for at least three days. This includes any Ivermectin, Revolution, or Frontline treatments as well as any oral medications. You will also need a few supplies: a measuring spoon, a glass bowl, and a pan of hot water for sterilizing the measuring spoon and bowl. A clean cotton ball is also needed to apply the medication correctly

*NOTE*: Terramycin should never be applied to open wounds or scratched the skin as this could lead to systemic absorption of oxytetracycline causing toxicity in cats.

The prescribed dosage for TTO is one teaspoonful (5g) per 10lb body weight twice daily for five consecutive days. Therefore, if your cat weighs 16lb he will need two teaspoonfuls (10g) twice daily for five days.

To make this as easy as possible and help avoid the risk of systemic absorption always follow these steps:

-Weigh your cat before treatment. Double that weight to find out how much Terramycin powder is needed.

-Mix one teaspoonful (5g) with half a cup (120ml or 4oz.) of warm water in a glass bowl until it is thoroughly dissolved (this takes about 2min). This mixture should be shaken before each use to prevent settling.

-Pour the required amount into an empty measuring spoon – do not use the same spoon you used for mixing! You can get an extra spoon from us if needed.

-Place the measuring spoon into your cat’s mouth held just behind his canine teeth and push forward to lift your cat’s upper lip, being careful not to get powder on his nose or whiskers.

-Allow a couple of minutes for the ointment to foam up in the mouth before giving him a small drink of water (5ml) from a saucer. Once he has lapped up all the liquid you can give him more water to make sure no powder remains in his mouth.

Conclusion on How to Apply Terramycin for Cats?

Remember: always weigh twice (for accuracy), mix once (to avoid wastage or clumping) and dose once (to avoid underdosing).

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