How Often Do Cats Need Distemper Vaccine? Distemper is a viral disease that is highly contagious and can be transmitted from animals to human beings. It’s a respiratory disease that causes inflammation of the brain, lungs, and intestines in both cats and dogs. Distemper can also cause neurological problems resulting in seizures, vomiting, loss of balance, paralysis, etc.

Once infected with this serious ailment, it may take days or weeks before any symptoms appear. If not treated on time the dog or cat may die within two months after contracting this virus due to its high mortality rate.

Typically this virus attacks the central nervous system (CNS). The signs of distemper are varied but tend to include lethargy, fever, and lack of appetite among other ailments. These symptoms are the reason why this virus is often referred to as canine madness.

Although distemper cannot be cured, yet early diagnosis and treatment with proper medication can speed up the recovery of your pet. Treatment focuses on keeping the dog or cat hydrated and comfortable until the symptoms disappear; many times it takes months for that to happen though.

The best way to prevent your pet from contracting distemper is by vaccinating them against this virus. The vaccine should be administered at an age of 6 weeks followed by another shot 4 weeks later. If you opt not to vaccinate your pet; there is a high chance they will contract distemper due to its contagious nature. At present, there are no alternative vaccines available in case your pet gets infected with this virus.

At what age can cats be vaccinated againsteline enteritis / calicivirus? Cats

can be vaccinated against feline enteritis (also known as calicivirus) from the age of eight weeks.

How often should cats receive their rabies vaccine? Cats need to be vaccinated against rabies once a year and revaccination have to be carried out every three years thereafter.

When should puppies get their first distemper shot? Puppies should get their first vaccination against canine distemper between the ages of six and eight weeks old. The puppy will require a booster one month later, after which it will require another injection four weeks later before being fully protected.

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