How Much Taurine Do Cats Need? Taurine is an amino acid that is commonly found in meat and fish which makes it a common additive in cat food. It’s also naturally produced by the body as well, but not nearly as much as it needs so if your cat isn’t eating much meat or fish it may be important to look for taurine supplements in their food. This article will tell you all about taurine and what you need to know to make sure your cat always has enough.

How Much Taurine Do Cats Need?

Since taurine is usually found in meat and fish, cats must eat enough of these things. Cats who don’t receive lots of meat in their diet may suffer from a lack of taurine in their system which over time could lead to serious health problems like heart disease or blindness. If you’re wondering why your cat isn’t eating much meat, take a look at the food they’re eating and make sure it has plenty of high-quality protein (meat).

If in doubt about how much taurine your cat needs to stay healthy you should consult with your vet and check the label on the back of your cat’s food before buying a new bag. You can also get supplements containing taurine that you can add to your own cat’s food or buy their food in a pre-made supplement form.

If Your Cat Is Struggling To See Or Has High Blood Pressure

Taurine is important for maintaining proper eyesight and by itself can help treat mild cases of feline glaucoma. However, if your cat is experiencing severe vision problems it may be due to something other than taurine deficiency, but still should see the vet. It may also be helpful to give your kitty L-carnitine supplements which help prevent high blood pressure and boosts heart health among many other benefits.

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