How Much Is It to Get Cats Fixed? Most shelters and animal control agencies provide low-cost spay/neuter services for both dogs and cats. Some clinics can even do an entire surgery for less than $100. Spaying or neutering your pets prevents unwanted litter, which will save you money in the long run. For more than half of pet parents who have purchased pet health insurance, this benefit has paid out over $500 per policy.

Puppies must be at least 8 weeks old before they can have neuter surgery. They should also weigh at least two pounds. If a young puppy is overweight or underweight, the veterinarian may not recommend having him altered. Generally, most vets won’t spay female puppies until they’re six to eight months old, though some will do it after four months if the pup weighs 2 pounds and is healthy overall.

Cat’s normally wait until they are six months of age to be neutered as well.

If your kitty is overweight or underweight you might want to discuss with your vet when would be the best time for her to get fixed so that she will recover quickly and healthily from the surgery. 

Delaying the spay or neuter surgery can cause problems because cats, especially female cats, are more likely to get infections in their reproductive organs.

Pet parents who choose to alter their pets feel happier knowing they aren’t contributing to the number of unwanted litters born each year. This is why taking care of your pet’s health and wellness needs should be one of your top priorities!

A couple of months ago my vet told me it would cost around $300 for both my kitties (who were 6 months at the time) plus about another $100 for whatever other tests/meds they’d need after surgery. I was SHOCKED that it cost so much but I’m not sure if that price was included or not.

Factoring in the extra costs of tests etc would bring the price up to about $500. If I remember correctly, my vet didn’t have any low-cost spay/neuter programs but they do take great care of their pets so maybe it’s worth the higher price tag.

It is possible to get the surgery done for under $100 if you are willing to skip some or all of the testing and medications your veterinarian will prescribe after the surgery. Keep in mind, however, without these extras your pet may be more susceptible to infections due to cuts during his neuter procedure which can make these inexpensive surgeries not as economical as first thought.

I talked with a woman at my local animal control agency and she said her organization offers free spay/neuter surgeries to the public so if you call around you might be able to find something similar in your area.

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