How Much Do Norwegian Forest Cats Cost? Norwegian Forest Cat, or Wedgie as it is sometimes called, is a large breed of domestic cat that originates from Norway. This beautiful breed sports an impressive coat with long hairs on the stomach and chest, which may be solid white to red-brown. A healthy Norwegian Forest Cat has an average lifespan of 12 to 14 years if properly cared for.

How much does a Norwegian Forest cat cost?

The price range of a purebred Norwegian Forest cat varies based on the type of kitten you are looking at getting. If you are looking for your first pet you can get one at around $250 but if you are looking to adopt they go anywhere between $0 to $150. A purebred adult goes anywhere from $650 to $1,200.

The Norwegian Forest Cats Club of America (NFCA) provides a full description of the breed’s history and care in their breed standard.  

The NFCA also has a list of breeders in the United States and Canada that you can contact for more information.

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