How Much Do Cats Shots Cost? They usually cost around $20-$80, depending on the vet clinic and what shots you’re getting. My cat needed his distemper shot, and it cost me $60 at my local vet. But other cats need more expensive vaccines like for feline leukemia, feline aids, or even rabies (if your state requires vaccinations). So there’s no definite answer without knowing how much you need to be done exactly. Hope that helps!

It all depends on the contract you have with them I have a kitten that just turned 2 months old so she will probably be up to date in her shots now the cheapest vaccine they give away is around 80 dollars and it’s for a rabies shot if you have some other shots that are needed as well those usually go from 60-80 dollars each.

So there you have it…it all depends on what vet clinic you go to, but they usually range from $60-$80 for one set of vaccinations. As people suggested in the comments, make sure to read up on your contract with your vet clinic as well as the current vaccines available for cats – many of which come free with regular checkups! ┬áDon’t forget that if you adopt a kitten or cat, ask the shelter if they made sure all of their required vaccinations were up-to-date!

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