Do you fall in love after seeing those cats? Would you like to know more about munchkin cats and want to own one with a pocket full of money? Keep reading the following content and learn how much do munchkin cats cost?

Munchkin is a new breed that has been known since the 1990s. They are small, stout, have extremely short legs, and have an unusual gait which makes them look as if they are walking on their tiptoes. Munchkins were developed by natural genetic mutation not through human manipulation by some kind of gene-splicing experiment or selective breeding process at all. 

If someone asked you “how much would a cat cost?”, the answer may be confusing because it is hard to decide. Of course, the cost of the cat will largely depend on the quality and breed that you choose. So, how much are munchkin cats?

The different breed has different prices, depending on the age of the kittens, breeder’s location (some countries have more strict rules than others), etc; especially for those rare breeds with less demand. Kittens sold by professional Munchkin breeders usually range from $400 up to $1500.

Still interested whether it is too expensive for you to own one? Here are some additional interesting facts about these cute little things:

1. Meow! How they sound like; 

2. They might not able to jump into your lap anymore because their legs are too short for that;

3. Munchkin cats can be running and jumping just like other normal-sized cat breeds;

4. Worth having one because they are super cute, loving pets to own!

They may sound expensive but do not forget the whole life care of your feline friend. From vaccinations, deworming, microchipping to neutering/spaying and professional grooming; you will spend a huge amount of money! When it comes time to purchase a pet (dog or cat), please consider adoption including purebreds from reputable breeders and animal shelters.

If more people search on how much is a munchkin kitten cost through Google instead of buying them directly from breeders, more animals will find themselves in safe homes instead of being euthanized for no good reason.*

How much do Munchkin kittens usually cost?

If you still wonder “how much are munchkin cats”, the price of a Munchkin kitten will vary depending on what type of kitten you want and where you want to buy it. The price for purebred kittens usually varies from $400 up to $1,500 per animal.

Why are Munchkin cats illegal?

Most countries do not allow the Munchkin breed because it is genetically flawed, causing spinal diseases and deformities. Their legs can be so short that they are useless to the cats. Some even have to drag their back end along the ground as they walk. These kinds of mutations are usually brought about by unintended consequences of human actions.

Is it cruel to have a Munchkin Cat?

No. They might look a little bit odd and you might wonder “how much are munchkin cats”, but the only difference between Munchkin Cats and other breeds is just appearance. These cats will be perfectly fine with their short legs as they walk, run and jump just like any normal breed of cat.

“I’ve never heard of munchkin cat before” doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. Munchkin also sounds like “mandingo”, which is slang for black people who are very well-built and muscular, especially the males.

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