How Long Does Capstar Flea Treatment Last?

Capstar is the most popular brand of a drug called nitenpyram, which is used to kill fleas on cats and dogs.

Capstar is a tablet that contains the active ingredient nitenpyram, an insect neurotoxin that causes quick death to adult fleas, but breaks down quickly in the environment so it’s safe for your pets and children. It’s often used as part of a treatment that kills all stages of fleas – eggs, larvae, and adults. In this case, you would give your pet tablets with food as well as use anti-flea shampoo on their skin. However, some people prefer to use Capstar as a one-off treatment because it’s so effective.

How long does capstar last?

It should start to work within 30 minutes of being administered and should kill 95% of adult fleas within the first hour. A single dose should protect your pet for 24 hours against further infestation by biting fleas. If you want it to continue protecting them you need to give another dose every 24 hours until they are clear of all stages of the flea.

It should kill the adult flea, but not its eggs or larvae.

Both generations of fleas should be killed within two hours of Capstar being administered to your pet. It breaks down quickly in the environment and has no lasting effects on animals or humans.

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