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How Long Are Cats Paws Sore After Declaw? it is normal for a cat’s paw pads to be red and swollen in the days immediately following surgery, and that some pets may limp or refuse to walk for a few days afterward. Their nails may also seem wobbly.

How Long Are Cats Paws Sore After Declaw?
How Long Are Cats Paws Sore After Declaw?

However, experts recommend monitoring your pet carefully in case they develop complications such as pain, infection, lethargy, or changes in behavior (such as not wanting to move around or play).

Some of these signs can indicate things like phantom limb pain when the animal feels pain in its limbs even though they’ve been removed, or chronic pain due to nerve damage, which can happen when the paw is not properly bandaged.

if your pet’s paws don’t seem to be getting better, you should take it back to the veterinarian or emergency vet clinic for an assessment. You shouldn’t try to treat the animal yourself by removing the bandage too soon, changing dressings, or giving them any medication without veterinary guidance.

If they are in pain, your vet may give them a mild dose of anti-inflammatory painkillers, but generally speaking, most vets recommend providing extra comfort while the swelling and bruising settle on their own.

After surgery, your cat will need time to heal. As well as aftercare advice specific to cats (such as regular bandage changes or careful cleansing of the wound), you should also keep a regular eye on their behavior and demeanor to make sure they’re coping well.

Cats are stoic creatures, but it can be hard to spot if they’re in pain. Some common signs that your cat is feeling a bit tender include hiding away, not eating, being a bit more sluggish than usual, or licking at wounds obsessively.

If your cat is especially subdued or unresponsive, seems to be in pain, or develops other symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, decreased urination, fever, or breathing difficulties, call your vet immediately.

The full healing process usually takes between 4 and 6 weeks. During this time you should monitor the site for any redness, swelling, drainage, or signs of infection, which are all non-clinical signs that the surgery wasn’t performed properly.

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