How do you travel by a rabbit on a planeHow do you travel by a rabbit on a plane

Many passengers bring their rabbits along with them on their next flight. If you are planning to do the same, here is what you need to know about traveling with a rabbit in the cabin or as checked baggage.

What does the fine print say?

The conditions of carriage for rabbits vary depending on whether they travel in-cabin or as checked baggage, as well as on the airline. Most airlines will only allow a rabbit to travel in-cabin as an “emotional support animal” or ESA, which requires a letter from your mental health professional, but some will allow rabbits to fly as checked baggage without any special documentation.

What is allowed?

Your rabbit can travel with you on the airplane as checked baggage. Carriers come in two types: hard-sided and soft-sided. It is best to use a carrier made of hard plastic so you can easily clean it if your rabbit has an accident while traveling.

Can I bring my rabbit on the plane in a carrier?

Yes, you can bring your rabbit on the plane in a carrier. The carrier must be placed in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you.

What type of carrier should I use?

You should use a hard-sided carrier made of plastic. This will make it easier to clean if your rabbit has an accident while traveling.

Can my rabbit sit on my lap during the flight?

No, your rabbit must be in a carrier during the flight.

Can I bring food and water for my rabbit on the plane?

You may bring enough food and water for the length of your flight in a spill-proof container. Place this container with your rabbit in his/her carrier before you put him/her under the seat or in an overhead bin.

Can I take my rabbit out of its carrier while we are on the plane?

No, during the entire trip your rabbit must remain in his/her carrier.

Can I bring a blanket for my rabbit to sleep on?

Yes, you can bring a blanket for your rabbit to sleep on, but he/she must remain in the carrier at all times.

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