A lot of people are fascinated with cats, so much so that they want to get one of their own despite the fact that they’re not sure if they’re capable of maintaining a cat’s needs. If you’re one of those first time cat owners who is looking for the perfect breed to give your home and affection, then there are certain types or breeds like Turkish Van that you should consider getting. Here is some more information on this breed.

Caring For Turkish Vans

Turkish Vans are known for being excellent hunters, in fact, they can even hunt bigger prey like rabbits! They also stay agile throughout their lives which means that engaging them in various activities like hunting or playing keeps them healthy and happy.

They require enough space to be able to run and play, which means that you should provide them with a house or an enclosure where they can do their daily activities for at least one hour. Smaller spaces like apartments will present a considerable challenge for them since they need exercise and room to roam around.

Good cat breeds for first time owners
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Turkish Vans are also known as great companions, in fact, some people call this breed as the ‘teddy bear’ of cats because of their gentleness and friendliness. They even make great family pets,however, it’s best to keep them indoors because once they get out, Turkish Vans will not hesitate to explore new territories and leave your home forever since these cats love adventure and roaming around places unfamiliar to them. Make sure that there is always water available to them because they cannot survive for more than one day without drinking.

When it comes to grooming, Turkish Vans are low maintenance compared to other cats; however, you must brush their thick double-layered coat every week especially if the weather is cold and damp. This will remove dead hairs and also prevent tangles from forming in their fur. You should not bathe this type of cat too often since it will generally dry out their skin; once a month is enough to maintain hygiene.

Common Health Problems Associated With Turkish Vans

Although healthy Turkish Vans can live for 15 years or even longer, there are some health problems that may affect these cats later on in life such as genetic diseases which affect the eyes like Feline Corneal Dystrophy or Feline Distichiasis. Other problems that are mostly seen in Turkish Vans are Urinary Tract Diseases, Flea Allergy Dermatitis, Skin Abscesses and Chronic Renal Failure.

If you’re searching for an adventurous pet cat to bring home, then the Turkish Van might be perfect for you. They love being outdoors so much so that they roam around places unfamiliar to them; however, these cats also feel comfortable being indoors as well so this means you should try keeping them inside your house but allow them to have enough exercise by letting them roam around the yard every now and then. Just remember to always provide sufficient protection and security since Turkish Vans can easily escape from these things if they want to since they’re generally smart and independent cats.

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